…Can’t Wait

The Fort Worth Area Alliance of Black School Educators has been at the table fighting for the education and support of students of color and those who educate students of color.  Today as this message is being composed, our country is divided along racial lines, political lines, and seemingly educational lines.  The students we serve and the communities in which they live are being disproportionately affected. Added to this division, is a global pandemic that has fundamentally changed the way we do business.  The work we do is more important today than ever before and we …Can’t Wait to become active, to voice the needs of our students and their community, or to stand in the gaps for our students.  Our students …Can’t Wait for the next person to do the job.  We have to teach our students to take control of their future, to advocate for themselves and their communities, and to respond properly to all situations they may face.  FWAABSE will plan ways to help our students and educators be successful. We will implement strategies and actions that will bring about the change our students and educators need.  Our planning and implementation of those plans will ensure our students and educators have the results they want.  We …Can’t Wait, join us as we continue to use our platforms to improve the outcomes for our children of color.

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